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Hello and welcome to my website all about the English ocarina.

As you can see on this page, I propose different kinds of activities, entertainment and recitals....

Firstly, interactive projects for groups of children – in schools, leisure centres, festivals, pottery markets, organic fairs etc.... Details, photos and videos are available on the website with the possibility of emailing more information if necessary.

Furthermore, I propose street shows, either alone or with a multi-instrumentalist, festive musical ‘walk abouts’, at medieval fêtes , pottery fairs, cafés etc..... Also a new show which will appeal to the general public, with music down through the ages, from baroque to folk,with songs in between....! For theatres, community and youth centres, open-air summer festivals.

Finally, a Vibratory Recital called “ Water, the current of the spirit”, performed with an electro- acoustics musician who has already carried out some projects around this theme. This would be ideal for activities using the theme of water, in public parks, chateaux, churches, abbeys, or in picturesque settings, for example mountains (cf. website)

I also organize introductory courses every three months in Bourges (18) and elsewhere when asked......roughly ten people are involved over a weekend.

If you know of a festival, an association, leisure centre, recreation committee or other organization to whom my work may be of interest, please leave a message on the relevant page on the website. Thank you for your help.

And see you soon perhaps.....