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L'Ocarina anglais et le udu enchantent le château en vidéo

Animation Ocarina project

The "stake in sound" of a history of the everyday life of the animals of a distant country, the presence of animals foreign to this country, shady and worried, that is he going to take place? Suspense! The musical language in the alive through Ocarina is going to allow to land in a playful way.

The instrument is used from the first session and its learning is made on the ground of the history where I lead them as a conductor.

The singings, the shouts, the steps of animals, the shiver of sheets(leaves), the wind, the chain of the suspense (music which leads the fear) are going to allow us to visit:

  • > Rhythms
  • > Melodies
  • > The various positions of fingers through the sounds of the history
  • > The breath: nasal breath, control(master's degree) of the breath (ex: nuances, chalenges, etc.) is going to allow the child to express its feelings, to educate its ear and to autocontrôler.

All this is written and defines what seems indispensable to the holding of this intervention, but to every session (from the 3rd) a time of pose is kept so that the children speak about the history and propose the other elements; if they are compatible, they are introduced into the musical chain.

Addresses children from 5 to 9 years old 2 groups: from 5 to 6 years and from 7 to 9 years

Surprising results(profits) at the end of the 5th session!

Training courses small holidays, weekend, summer, Leisure centers, Summer camps, Associations...

Ideal: 8 to 14 children - 1 hour a day on 5 consecutive days
          (3 hours a day minimum)

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  Récital pour les enfants du tibet.