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Musical instrument, educational and therapeutic tool. It is a small wind instrument, been born with the pottery of the marriage of the earth and the fire that we find in most of the former civilizations: China, South America, Central Europe...

It is necessary to wait for the environment of the 20th century to see an ethnomusicologist establishing a concept of ocarina in " 4 holes " allowing to play the range western diatonique.

« The child is a global, intuitive being who is comfortable with this instrument and its system " in circle.

That is why he can be very early used on the alert musical. The teenagers and the adults find also their account there because Ocarina is warm, but also carrier of self-fulfillment; he becomes enraged everywhere, lends itself to the dialogue, adapts itself to all the musical styles.

Timeless, donor of sense, gourmand of conviviality, natural, this beautiful object, often unique detail in the form of pebble, of bird or the other according to the imagination of his designers, is a real musical instrument which could become a companion of life for those, children and adults, who want that we speak to them in the heart. "

" The art of the child must be considered not as the weak effort which it makes to imitate the plastic modes of expression of the civilized adults, but as the direct and natural expression of the emotional world which is appropriate for him " Herbert Read

Due to my experiences for thirty years and my affinities:Wilhems, Marie-Louise Aucher, musicotherapy, Murray Schaeffer, Herbert Read, Tomatis I learnt with them, when the music is the major mode of the physical education.

"She establishes the most effective means to prepare the body to receive in her plenitude the human language, in what this one represents of higher at the level of the consciousness.

She allows to integrate the rhythms thus the time, her animates the gesture and pulls the verticality thus space out. The whole nervous system is concerned (essential organ of the human structure) " Professor Tomatis (1st symphosium of the music in May, 1972).

I acquired these last ten years the conviction that Ocarina 4 holes was " the tool " the best adapted to prepare the child for its realization. (Ocarina 4 holes is the only instrument with which the young child can arrive at a quality production in a most natural way)

These experiences have results indeed beyond our expectations and must be pursued with occupational therapists, psychomotriciens, educational psychologists etc.

The first experiences were able to be realized in 95/96 in Allier, thanks to the will and to the courage of a manager Ginette Carré... In 2006 when everything is even more difficult, which will have the boldness to succeed?

Jacques ANDRE


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