Ocarina-Enchanteur Jacques André


In an age when virtual reality and elecronics
reign the world , the need for a return to basics, to values
and simplicity is more and more called for, and the
English ocarina, a small mythical musical instrument
handed down from the Inca, Maya and Aztec, as well as other
civilisations, could indeed symbolise this new consciousness.

Sympathetic, but also source of self fulfillment, it can be easily carried around,
lends itself to dialogue and adapts to all musical styles. Timeless, expressive, intensely
convivial and natural, this beautiful object, often a unique specimen, can take the form
of a pebble, a bird or whatever inspires the designer's imagination and is an authentic musical
instrument which can become a lifelong companion for children and adults alike, who are seeking
a heart to heart experience.

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