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L'Ocarina anglais et le udu enchantent le château en vidéo

Jacques André was born in the Dear. He studies the music from the age of 6 years, learns about the accordion (crowned by several national and international prices), in the piano, in the guitar and in the percussions.

He pursues higher education of Letters and Art history, and follows training courses of musicotherapy. He teaches the musical Education in schools and secondary schools for thirteen years, then creates in 1987 "the Itinerant Musical Workshop" in rural areas which distributes even today collective prices. The music becomes a "meeting place" which tries to re-weave links between generations.

Author, composer, interpreter, Jacques André gives recitals in France and in Germany from 1973 till 1982.

Since 1975, he animates "classes of musical awakening" where he introduces his(its) own searches.
Invited on November 10th, 1997 by the I.S.M.E.* (under the aegis of UNESCO) for a statement on its work "of itinerant teacher in rural areas", to the academy Boulanger in Paris.
He(It) discovers the ocarina in 1993 and, persuaded by the educational interest of this instrument, he realizes finally in 1997 an experience which is going to last 3 years in maternal classes and nursery schools, with 4-year-old children and a half in 7 years. This one gives surprising results being well beyond what could be hoped.

Jacques André animates training courses of ocarina for children and for adults in numerous regions: concept innovating in France!
He makes animations of street and gives "vibratory recitals" (churches, abbeys...)

During school period, he becomes known the practice of this instrument in the C.E.L. city of Bourges and two Associations of local authorities: lively Earth and Soils of Angillon.

* See the letter of the I.S.M.E.

Jacques André

Jacques André
In 2004, he writes the first progressive method of learning of the ocarina: " the Charming World of the Ocarina" for the Publishing Alphonse LEDUC-Paris.
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